My Amazing Flip-Flops!

by Tom Collis on September 10, 2019
Sometimes the feedback we get from customers really do put smiles on our faces! This one defiantly did! This is what Gumbies is about. Living life and having great journeys and adventures!

"Dear Gumbies,

Over the last 20 months my husband and I have been on our own voyage of discovery. We paid off all of our debts, the children became self sufficient and the time was ripe for our wanderlust to become a reality.

We quit our jobs and enjoyed the scenery of England, Wales and Scotland. Then we booked a ticket and began the exotic part of our journey. Goa, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore and back to Thailand before coming home to the UK and travelling around more of the beautiful English countryside during this year's long hot summer, finishing off the journey back in Goa this November.

We travelled light but some things were essential. Microfiber towels, torch, mosquito repellent and my ever faithful, wonderful, amazing GUMBIES.
As you will see from the attached photo those Gumbies have travelled 51,555 miles. Rivers, dust, mud, temples, markets, hostels, boats, trains, tuk tuks, cyclos, walking, riding and so much more,  still they went on.

They look tired and world weary but I'd rather have them than any designer shoe on the market today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

51,555 miles of comfort with no let down.

Keep up the good work

Forever gratefully yours
G. Jones"